• Oscar Alarcón

    Digital Coordinator

    Having worked developing several NGO’s digital strategies and infrastructure, Oscar is a digital guru that takes care of ChangeFactor digital development coordination. Oscar also runs a Digital Development startup with offices located in México supporting local and global NGO’s digital needs. When he's not coding he’s probably playing bass with some local band or taking a bicycle ride at the beach.

  • Edward Bell

    Program Manager

    Edward is the program manager for Changefactor, currently managing the digital platforms for One Earth, Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, Before the Flood, Lion Recovery Fund, Elephant Crisis Fund, Forest and Sea Fund, Shark Conservation Fund, Oceans 5, and the Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund. Previously, he was the social media lead for the Global Call for Climate Action. He has specialized in helping to build and and expand digital presences for climate coalitions and environmental groups since 2012. He lives in sunny Los Angeles with his partner and their collection of exotic terrariums, unconventional pets, and a ridiculous amount of comic books.